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To start off my career as a game developer I feel that it is essential to have an online presence in order to present myself to the public, my audience for games I make and potential employers, the audience for just me.

To begin the project of ‘Having an Internet Presence’ I decided to get organised and created a Trello board to collect all organisation and online presence oriented things I would have to manage over the coming years (probably the rest of my life)

As I write this blog post this is the state of the board. I am still learning how to maximise the use of Trello and have missed out certain things that I feel I should put on in an abstracted project in the future. For example, I went through my Facebook account and updated it as I have not in years, I also created a LinkedIn account and ‘making a website’ feels like it should have had its own board due to how much I have had to do for that.

However I can say I’ve truly learnt from the experience. I’ve discovered that through buying my domain name first I have probably made the investment more expensive for myself as you can buy them through the website builders themselves. In my case I bought the name from GoDaddy but am using Wix to build my website as I have previous experience with it and I feel it is extremely easy to understand. Also, it is free completely for until I decide to buy it as opposed to the use of it just being a free trial.

I also put a lot of effort into figuring out how to record games to put on my Youtube channel and to be used in my portfolio. After a lot of difficulty trying to use Nvidia Shadowplay to no avail, I looked up software I could use on Google and came across Fraps, which I personally feel has been just what I needed so far and will probably remain so due to it’s simplicity.

I am nearing the end of starting an online presence now as my website is almost complete. I will from now on be trying to maximise its potential by creating more games and showing the process of making them to an audience of most likely two people (my Mum and Dad) for now.

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