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Business Cards

Today I tackled creating my own business cards. My main goal was to make something that would stand out and encourage people to not only keep the card but also mention or show it to other people. In order to find inspiration I did some online research, mostly focusing on cards for game programmers since this is my main forte.

I came across a really good idea that was quite simple. Someone had made it so their cards could be torn up and turned into a game. I loved the interact-ability and room for creativity that this idea showed so I decided to make it my own.

To start off I drew the front and back of the business card out to figure out how I wanted to format it.

Then it came to the game I was going to make using just nine little pieces of paper. It took me a while but I used rapid paper prototyping to come up with an idea. I decided that there would be a player token, three boss tokens, 4 movement tokens and a treasure token. These would then be lined up with the player at the beginning, the treasure at the end and the movement and boss tokens randomly in the middle.

I then created a final prototype that represents the whole card. I came up with the different numbers for hit points and more in depth rules.

Finally, I produced a front and back for my cards using Krita. I ran the final designs through MOO, a business card site and now have 50 of them on the way!

The hardest part of this whole deal was getting started. I didn’t know what my little game should be and struggled quite a lot to keep it simple. In fact, it’s still not as simple as I would like since it requires the use of a coin to play it but I liked the concept too much to change it and couldn’t think of another way to have a 50/50 chance represented.Overall, it was quite an enjoyable project!

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